Users can go through the platform, look for their study of interest, view its description and decide to submit a request to access the datasets (Get Microdata tab). If a user decides to request a given dataset, he/she will be required to login (using his/her username and password if he/she has registered before) or proceed to a free registration online that will enable him/her to login. When registering for the fisrt time, be sure to mark the account status as Active. Once logged in with an active account, a user will be asked to fill in the data request form online. After the request is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to him/her. The request will be handled by APHRC within not more than ten days, after which a notification email will be sent to the user. In case of approval, the email will provide instructions for free download of the requested datasets.

Summary of the steps:

  1. Go to the Data section from the top menu options;
  2. View the different catalogs from About and click on your catalog of interest;
  3. Click on your study of interest;
  4. Overview information of the study is displayed;
  5. Under the Study Description tab, you can view the Overview, Sampling, Data Collection, Data Processing, and Access Policy information.
  6. Under the Data Dictionary tab, you can view the variable definitions and group variable information.
  7. To download the micro dataset, go to the Get Microdata tab. First register if you are not a registered user. After login, go to the study link and then to the Get Microdata tab.
  8. Provide a brief on the intended use of the data, agree to the terms and conditions and Submit. A link will be provided to download the compressed file which contains the dataset in Stata format.